Cheshire Ohio was actually (correction to previous post) 1 of 8 films out of 1550 submissions chosen for The Green Film Festival in Seoul, South Korea. So deeply honored! It played last night and will play again tomorrow. Love the program notes. It’s always interesting to hear how others describe the film. “This disclosing documentary depicts the violence of big capital by following what happened in Cheshire, Ohio since AEP (America Electric Power) chose the town for their coal plant. The film painfully reveals what the residents had to sell along with their houses when AEP decided to buy out the town. On the base of the structure comprised primarily of interviews, the sensuous devices such as weird contradictory scenes of the humongous smokestacks next to the picturesque town and shaky voices of old residents give film a strong appealing power. The influence of the plant named after a war hero unpleasantly symbolizes the changed values in the world. The abandoned or demolished houses of the strong old ladies who wanted to keep their town look emotional because they represent the immaterial values we wanted to believe to be stronger than money. The fight is still on, but it’s sad to realize our lives are already too dependent on the logic and convenience of capitalism. (SEOL Suan)”

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