Screening at The Egyptian Theater, Dekalb, Illinois as part of The Green Lens Film Series

Thank you to the organizers of the Green Lens Film Series for choosing Cheshire Ohio to show at the historic Egyptian Theater.  We got this report back:

“We had a good screening, about 90-100 people, which was our best so far this spring.  Quite a few students from the Environmental Studies program.  After the screening we had two members of a Climate activist group who were very good at networking with attendees out in the lobby.  They are working on a bi-partisan bill to advance a Carbon tax in Congress.  One of the goals of our series is to promote a community of activism, so I was very pleased about that..I count the event a big success and thank your for the inspiring film work you obviously worked so hard on.  If I were teaching documentary this semester, I would be talking to my students about the film’s demonstration of long term commitment to its subjects–you certainly developed relationships and trust.”


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