Online streaming/Dvd versions

* UPDATE: Cheshire Ohio is now available to stream on OVID TV, an exciting new platform for independent feature films, global cinema, animation, social issue and documentary films from around the world, most unavailable on any other platform. You can go to this link and if you don’t want to join Ovid TV you can sign up for the 14 day free trial and screen the film. This is for home use only:

Is your community threatened by pollution from a coal-fired power plant? Is your community concerned about the health impacts from the air pollution and the coal ash waste? Is the plant purchasing and bulldozing nearby homes to “expand” their operations? Or are you an educational institution, non-profit or legal organization that wants to host a screening of the film or use it in your curriculum?

Bullfrog Films is distributing our documentary and currently is selling the film to these  markets.  Bullfrog and the filmmakers can assist you with community screenings by providing guidelines and advice on how to have a successful one. Here is a great example of a recent one held in (click link): Racine, Wisconsin.

Bullfrog has also released the film to the wider consumer market . You can buy a consumer rate DVD at this link: DVD for home use.

Bullfrog Films link to Cheshire Ohio: (1)